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Azure marketplace charges are now available in Azure Cost Management for Pay-As-You-Go customers!

Published date: July 29, 2019

We are excited to announce a preview release of Azure marketplace charges within our Cost Analysis tool for Pay-As-You-Go customers. As a part of this preview you can now analyze your marketplace charges alongside your Azure service charges within Cost Analysis and reconcile your Azure marketplace invoice using both Cost Analysis and a new usage csv download API.

Analyze marketplace charges together with Azure Services

With this preview release we are introducing a new property in Cost Analysis called “Publisher type” which will allow you to group and/or filter your charges based on Azure versus marketplace charges. Please note that these charges may have different billing cycles so make sure to select a calendar date view within the date picker when analyzing Azure services and marketplace together.


Analyze marketplace charges to reconcile your invoice

Marketplace invoice view within Cost Analysis

Customers who have purchased marketplace resources will receive a separate invoice for these charges. To facilitate proper analysis of these invoices, we have added a marketplace invoice view within the date picker. Use this to analyze the charges for a given invoice.


Marketplace usage csv download API

This preview includes a new API that allows you to download a CSV of all of your consumption based marketplace charges for a given invoice. To learn more about how to use this API, please visit the Azure REST API specs Swagger. To learn more about programming on top of Azure Cost Management, please visit the Cost Management and Consumption specs Swaggers.

Unified Cost Dimensions Across Azure Service and Marketplace

As a part of this release, your Cost Management data has now been consolidated into a unified set of cost dimensions that you can utilize across both Azure Services and marketplace. This unification is what makes it possible for your to analyze your Azure Services and marketplace charges together. To learn more about the changes that have occurred to facilitate unification please visit our documentation found here.

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