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Azure alerts available for Power BI Embedded

Published date: May 09, 2018

Power BI Embedded is now integrated with Azure alerts.

Alerts offer a method of monitoring in Azure. You can use them to configure conditions over data and be notified when the conditions match the latest monitoring data. When you have an active Power BI Embedded resource, you can use the metrics that monitor your resource and define rules over those metrics.


You can use Azure alerts to build multiple rules over time and define the action that you want to take when an alert is triggered. It can be a mail or SMS notification to a group of people, or an automatic script to handle the problem.

For example, you can create a rule over query duration that checks if “the average duration of a query is above 10 seconds, over a period of 10 minutes.” If that threshold is crossed, you can configure an automatic script that scales the resource up, by using the REST API or PowerShell cmdlets.

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