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Azure Activity Logs Legacy solution is replaced by Diagnostic settings

Published date: October 06, 2023

Azure Activity logs solution was used to forward Activity Logs to Azure Log Analytics, EventHub and storage. This solution is being retired and will be automatically converted to Diagnostic settings. 

Additional notice will be sent 1 month before this change is set. 


If you are using automation to enable or disable the connector using the Legacy API, please note that the automation will not be supported, and you will need to recreate it using the new API. 


On 15 of March 2026, the solution will be deprecated. All customers will be auto migrated to the Diagnostic Settings and the legacy flow will stop working. 


What happens during and after the retirement announcement? Example 

From now through 15 Sept 2026, you can manually move to use the Diagnostic Settings as explained here. We will also auto migrate all of the customers. The overall experience will stay the same. 

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