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Azure Digital Twins now has expanded digital representation capabilities

Published date: May 19, 2020

Azure Digital Twins will soon offer expanded capabilities to allow for the creation of a digital representation of any asset, environment, or business system. A platform for creating comprehensive digital models, Azure Digital Twins allows customers to first model a physical environment—create a digital twin—and then connect devices to gain insight into how spaces and infrastructure are actually used. Azure Digital Twins goes beyond just connecting devices to predict maintenance needs, analyze energy requirements, optimize the use of available space, and create more efficient processes.

The new capabilities, which will be available in the summer of 2020, include OPEN Modeling Language, live execution environment, easy integration with Azure IoT Hub and other Azure services, and rich query APIs. 

Azure Digital Twins is a PaaS offering that creates an intelligence graph to virtually represent real-world assets, environments, and systems. The addition of OPEN Modeling Language based on JSON-LD standard will expand flexibility and ease of use for developers.

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