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    Azure Search Services not showing Indexes

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    • azure-cognitive-search

    AZURE SEARCH, ismatch not filtering

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    No hay ninguna entrada de más recientes para Azure Cognitive Search en Serverfault

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    ¿Tiene alguna idea o sugerencia basada en su experiencia con Azure?

    can we combine custom analyzer with fuzzy search?

    i recently tried the phonetic filter in custom analyser. But it wasnt complete. I also needed words which sounded similar but were also spelled wrong

    Add malware scanning as part of the ingestion process / connector story

    Scanning content prior to ingestion is not part of the KM pipeline and slows the process down as you have to create separate machines onto which you have to stage and process content. Connectors do not allow for the inclusion of staging and are a risk vector.

    Re-Indexing framework

    Azure Cognitive Search should allow for ease of rebuilding index from scratch without impacting the existing search. Flexibility in custom ingestion should also be allowed.

    Multiple matching words listed higher

    Is there a possibility to get search ranked results based on multiple matched words? I will give an example: The input is "event test example" and I would like to have the results with more matching words higher than the other. So the response could be: 1. "event test example" 2. "event example" 3. "event" 4. "example" Is there a functionality in Azure search for this process? Thank you!

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