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    Azure Maps Control causes Angular Universal SSR error

    • angular
    • azure
    • angular-universal
    • azure-maps

    Azure Blob Storage Linked Service Failure

    • azure
    • connection-string
    • azure-blob-storage

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    Notification for maintenance

    Customers experience errors (like HTTP 500), and are forced to contact Azure support for the issue and how it can be resolved.It would be very helpful if customers received an email as to when and where a maintenance will take place, so they know when and how their applications will be affected.

    Migrate/Transfer PAYG subscription to CSP

    Can you add a easy option to migrate/transfer a PAYG Azure Subscription to a CSP without perform a resource migration from the pay-as-you-go subscription to the CSP subscription?.Why? As you know, the "The Move Operation" method is not compatible with all resources and this becomes harder to do when the PAYG subscription contains many of those services that are very important and critical to the company, this kind of transfer/migration implies that the transfer/migration has to be planned since there will be downtimes on the workloads.I know that this could be easy when we talking about CSP to CSP or EA to CSP using the Microsoft Partner Center and then creating a NEW TRANSFER REQUESTCan you implement something like that?Thank you for consideration.--ACS

    Show detailed operating system in Virtual machine blade

    In the virtual machines blade the operating system column only displays linux or windows. If you click through you can usually see the detailed OS like "Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)". Show that detailed OS in the list view and make detailed OS searchable so I can find all my VM's with 'Ubuntu 18.04' or 'Windows Server 2016 Datacenter'



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