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    VB.NET Graph API example with OWIN and Azure

    • azure
    • single-sign-on
    • owin

    How to limit or change the size of Azure BLOB container?

    • azure
    • blob
    • azure-storage
    • azure-storage-blobs
    • azure-blob-storage

    Blazor in Azure: The list of component records is not valid

    • azure
    • .net-core
    • azure-web-sites
    • blazor
    • blazor-server-side

    How to trigger Agent Job As per condition using PowerShell in Azure Devops Pipeline

    • azure
    • powershell
    • azure-devops
    • azure-pipelines
    • azure-pipelines-release-pipeline


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    Comentarios de Azure

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    Free space as a metric for Virtual Machine (Resource Provider)

    Using 'Azure Monitor' it's impossible to set an alert based on hard disk free space metric. It could be useful to have this kind of metric, particularly on Linux VM.

    Enhance the Functionality of ER Provider

    The ER Provider page in Azure portal is used by service providers of ER to manage their links. However, the functionality is very limited that if anything abnormal happens, the only option for us is contacting MS Support which takes time to resolve the problem. One problem I experienced was that the ER was deleted in portal but the configuration was still there in MSEE, it took almost one week to completed clean up the stale configuration by MS support team, which is too long for us. Please evaluate if possible to provide more functionalities for Service Providers, such as delete vrf and interface configuration directly via the portal, so that it saves time for us, as well as our customers.

    change address space when vnet is peered

    Currently it is not possible to change the address space of an existing virtual network which is already peered to an existing virtual network. Please include feature to change address space of an already peered vnet.

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