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    How do you get an Access Token from Azure Active Directory that the scaffolded weatherforcast api will accept

    • azure
    • azure-active-directory
    • microsoft-identity-platform

    Local ASP Core 3.1 MVC App with Microsoft Authentication - Single Tenant or Multi Tenant

    • azure
    • azure-active-directory
    • multi-tenant

    Azure B2C One time access to secured API

    • c#
    • azure
    • email
    • azure-ad-b2c
    • one-time-password

    How can I 'listen' for status changes on an azure durable function?

    • azure
    • azure-functions
    • azure-durable-functions


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    Add unmodifiable "createdBy" properties for all resources

    If I understand correctly, the recommendation from MSFT is that resources created should be tagged for appropriate information. However this becomes a managed attribute that can be modified. I would find it useful if, during the creation of the resource, the user identity (both Human readable name and UUID) is captured and not modifiable (gets deleted with the resource).This attribute should be query-able from the az command line:az show -n {... "createdByName": "Michael Shire" "createdByUUID": ""...}

    Azure policy to block all public access

    I would like to be able to create a policy and apply it to subscription(s), that would block any created resource from being able to be reached from the public internet. I want my developers to be able to experiment and try out different resources, but I don't want to put my network at risk while they experiment.Right now I have to play wack-a-mole and identify all the different resources that could get a public IP and create policy around that resource.I believe it would be in Microsoft's best interest to create a policy that one could apply to a subscription to block all public access as a measure of putting security first and not leaving the potential for public exposure of its customers.

    Define DWU clearly to do a cost estimation before purchasing.

    AWS clearly define its nodes. Please do the same to make the life of Solution Architects easier.This comes all the time as a "Con" in Azure Synapse assessment.

    Enable the "Extension" feature for Linux App Services

    Enable the "Extension" feature for Linux App Services.More specifically, I need the "Dynatrace Extension" to install OneAgent and monitor my Linux App Services just like I do my Windows App Services.Thank you.

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