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Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure

Performance Tests of Lustre, GlusterFS, and BeeGFS

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Publicado: 16/03/2020

This guide documents the results of a series of performance tests on Azure to see how scalable Lustre, GlusterFS, and BeeGFS are. Using a default configuration, the Azure Customer Advisory Team (AzureCAT) discovered how critical performance tuning is when designing Parallel Virtual File Systems (PVFSs) on Azure. Use these results as a baseline and guide for sizing the servers and storage configuration you need to meet your I/O performance requirements.

Updated March 2020 with information about using Lv2-series Azure virtual machines that feature NVMe disks. If an ephemeral file system is an option for you, this configuration works with Lustre to provide a cost-effective PVFS.