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HPC Cache on E-Series VMs Support of Blob NFS 3.0 now generally available

Published date: July 12, 2021

The Azure Blob team recently announced that Blob NFS 3.0 protocol support is generally available and now, Azure HPC Cache will follow suit with general availability using E-Series VMs.

HPC Cache in front of the container will provide sub-millisecond latencies and improved client scalability. HPC Cache also responds to client NLM (network lock manager) traffic and manages lock requests as the NLM service. The addition of HPC Cache (caching of NFS data) matches workloads that run across many virtual machines and require lower latency than the NFS endpoint provides.

Blob NFS 3.0 is also coming to support NVMe-based SKUs (currently in preview). These high-throughput, low latency machines can be used for even great more performance at lower costs, perfect for media rending and genomic secondary analysis workloads.

Learn more about the latest HPC Cache update.

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