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General availability: Static IP configurations of private endpoints

Published date: October 13, 2022

Private endpoint support for statically defined IP addresses is generally available. This feature allows you to add customizations to your deployments. Leverage already reserved IP addresses and allocate them to your private endpoint without relying on the randomness of Azure's dynamic IP allocation. In doing so, you can account for a consistent IP address to the private endpoint to use alongside IP based security rules and scripts.

Regional availability:

This feature is available in all public and sovereign clouds

Managing your private endpoint

Manage Azure Private Endpoints - Azure Private Link | Microsoft Docs

Create a private endpoint with the Azure portal

Quickstart: Create a private endpoint by using the Azure portal | Microsoft Docs

Configuring this feature on a private endpoint

CLI - az network private-endpoint ip-config | Microsoft Docs

PS - New-AzPrivateEndpointIpConfiguration (Az.Network) | Microsoft Docs

What is Private Link

What is Azure Private Link? | Microsoft Docs

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