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General availability: Upgrade VMware VMs protected by Site Recovery to modernized experience

Published date: August 08, 2022

Today we are officially announcing availability of the migration capability to move your existing VMware virtual machine, protected using Azure Site Recovery, from classic protection experience to modernized protection experience. With this capability, customers can move their existing replications of VMware virtual machines enabled using configuration server, to the modernized experience enabled using the ASR replication appliance.

The migration is guided by a smart detection mechanism, which ensures that complete initial replication is not performed again for non-critical replicated items. The capability calculates and provides estimated migration time to better assist customers and plan their migration. Additionally, the tool is integrated with a robust rollback mechanism. If the migration fails due to any reason, the operation will be automatically rolled back, and you will be moved back to the classic replication experience.

Moving to the modernized experience is recommended, as it aims at enhancing security, reducing manageability efforts, simplifying scale, cutting down manual intervention and adopting an automation first approach. Here is a quick comparison between the two experiences.

Learn more about the migration capability and how to perform it.

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