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Azure NetApp Files | Regional Capacity Quota

Published date: June 24, 2021

StartingJuly 26, 2021 Azure NetApp Files – likesome other Azure services – will have a regional limit, based on capacity. The default capacity quota for each subscription will be changed from no quota to a quota of 25 TiB, per region, across all service levels. This capacity change will not have any impact on your current service but will ensure (new) capacity pool creation or capacity pool size increases will succeed based on available regional capacity. Any regional capacity quota increase does not incur a billing increase, as billing will still be based on the provisioned capacity pools.

Existing Azure NetApp Files customers will get their regional capacity quota (for each subscription) initially set automatically as per the following rules:

  • If (sum of provisioned capacity pools by subscription, per region) <= 20 TiB: regional capacity quota will be set to 25 TiB (which is the default)
  • If (sum of provisioned capacity pools by subscription, per region) > 20 TiB:  regional capacity quota will be set to your current sum of provisioned capacity + 10%, or 4TiB (whichever is higher)

If needed, we recommend you request a regional quota increase in a timely manner to ensure quota is available in the region for your subscription.

An increase of capacity can be requested via a specific “Service and subscription limits (quota)” support ticket.  Once the request is received and processed, you will receive a response typically within 2 business days. If you have a large capacity request, our team may contact you for additional information

To learn more about Azure NetApp Files capacity constraints, see Resource limits for Azure NetApp Files.

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