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Azure Machine Learning public preview announcement //Build, May 2021

Published date: May 25, 2021

The New Enhanced CLI extension and REST APIs are in public preview for performing control-plane operations for managing Machine Learning assets, running training jobs, and deploying inference endpoints (including managed online endpoints). 

Prebuilt Docker images for Inferencing is an Azure Machine Learning capability, that provides customers with prebuilt Inferencing Docker images consisting of machine learning frameworks and some commonly used Python packages.  

We also provide the ability to extend over our Docker images without triggering image build during deployment.  Benifits include:

  • Reduces model deployment latency.  

  • Improve model deployment success rate.  

  • Avoid unnecessary image build during model deployment.  

  • Only have required dependencies and access right in the image/container.  

Read the how-to Docs for Enhanced CLI.

Read the how-to Docs for Rest API.

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