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Azure Backup solution for SAP HANA databases is now available

Published date: April 01, 2020

The Azure Backup solution for SAP HANA databases is now generally available in all Azure public and government regions—with the exception of Germany Northeast, Germany central, France South, and US Gov IOWA. 

In addition, these new features are now available with the solution.

Feature releases:

  • Support for SLES 15, SLES 15 SP1 (now available).
  • Restore recovery point as files from Azure portal is available (CLI support coming soon).
  • Support for operations from HANA studio (in preview).

Future roadmap items:

  1. Preview for support for RHEL (coming soon).
  2. Support for HANA incremental backup.
  3. Increasing the current limit of 2-TB database size for backup and restore.

BackupRestoreManage Read more about SAP HANA backup in Azure Virtual Machines, including backuprestore, and manage.

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