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Data we use to deliver Azure support

The purpose of this document is to inform Azure customers about the type of information that Microsoft Support engineers may collect and use in order to resolve a support case. The information and examples may be updated from time to time.

Basic diagnostic information: Used for all support cases

Includes diagnostic and service-generated data

Examples of basic diagnostic information:

  • Problem description, questions, and file attachments
  • Resource health and outage events
  • Resource names and configurations
  • Service advisories related to your resources
  • Resource change history
  • Network topology
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Advanced diagnostic information: Permitted only with your consent

Includes customer data

Examples of advanced diagnostic information:

  • Logs from a virtual machine
  • Sign-in information from Azure Active Directory logs
  • Reader access for portal-based troubleshooting
  • Virtual machine console screenshots
  • Azure policy settings
  • Access control information (excluding secrets)

Consent to collect advanced diagnostic information

When you create a support request, the "Allow collection of advanced diagnostic information" option gives your consent to allow a Microsoft Support engineer to remotely collect data from the Azure subscription(s) associated with your request. This read-only access allows them to collect advanced diagnostic information that can help them solve your problem more quickly. You can grant or revoke access at any time, and it is removed automatically when your case is closed.

How is your data handled?

Data provided to Microsoft during technical support for an online service is Professional services data. You can learn more about Professional services data privacy and security commitments on the Microsoft Professional Services homepage.