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Microsoft Azure Offer Details

The tables below list all of our active offers. The first table lists our offers that are currently available for purchase. The second table lists those offers that are no longer available for purchase, although existing customers can continue to be on these rate plans.

Current Offers

Offer Name Offer Number Spending Limit
Azure Plan 0017G Blank
Enterprise Agreement support Blank Blank
Microsoft Azure EA Sponsorship 0136P Blank
Pay-as-you-go 0003P Blank
Support Plans 0041P, 0042P, 0043P Blank
Free trial 0044P Available
Visual Studio Professional subscribers 0059P Available
Visual Studio Test Professional subscribers 0060P Available
MSDN Platforms subscribers 0062P Available
Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers 0063P Available
Visual Studio Enterprise (MPN) subscribers 0029P Available
Pay-as-you-go Dev/Test 0023P Blank
Enterprise Dev/Test 0148P Blank
Action Pack 0025P Available
Microsoft Azure Sponsored Offer 0036P Blank
Azure Pass 0243P Blank
Azure in Open Licensing 0111p Available
Azure for Students 0170p Available
Microsoft Azure for Students Starter 0144P Available
Azure in CSP 0145P Blank
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Blank Available
*There is no spending limit on offers where the Spending Limit column is left blank.

Retired Offers

Offer Name Offer Number Spending Limit
Promotional Offer 0070P-0089P Available
Azure Dynamics 0033P Blank
Azure MSDN Premium 0005P Available
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio 0010P Available
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio Premium 0011P Available
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio Ultimate 0012P Available
MPN Silver Cloud Platform Competency 0027P Available
MPN Gold Cloud Platform Competency 0028P Available
BizSpark Plus 0034P Available
BizSpark Plus 0149P Available
6-month Plan 0037P Blank
6-month Plan (Prepaid) 0038P Blank
12-month Commitment Offer 0026P Blank
12-month Plan 0039P Blank
12-month Plan (Prepaid) 0040P Blank
MPN Action Pack 0035P Available
Visual Studio Enterprise (BizSpark) subscribers 0064P Available
Visual Studio Premium with MSDN (benefit) 0061P Available
Backup Storage for Windows Server 0090P Available
Azure Dev Essentials 0022P Blank
Azure Germany in CSP for Microsoft Cloud Germany DE-0145P Blank
Azure Germany free trial DE-0044P Available
Azure Germany Pay-as-you-go DE-0003P Blank
Azure Germany Support Plans DE-0041P, DE-0042P, DE-0043P Blank