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FinOps on Azure

Maximize cloud business value for your organization by leveraging Azure products and services to implement FinOps best practices that can support cloud cost optimization.

Drive results throughout the crawl, walk, and run journey

Use Azure solutions to implement FinOps best practices throughout your crawl, walk, and run journey. Help your team grow in scale, scope, and complexity with a comprehensive set of Azure products and services that are flexible and reliable. 

The inform phase is the first step in the FinOps journey. Begin by collecting data from various sources to gain insights into your cloud usage and spending patterns. In this phase, you’ll focus on reporting, anomaly detection, benchmarking, cost allocation, taxonomy, tags, forecasting, and budgeting. Use Azure products and services to:

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Align FinOps with business needs and outcomes

Understand usage and costs

Allocate costs to specific teams or projects to encourage transparency, ownership, and accountability for cloud usage across the organization.

Benchmark and track performance

Establish and measure performance indicators that provide historical information to benchmark and forecast costs.

Make real-time decisions

Provide visibility into the costs of running workloads to enable teams to make fast, informed decisions that impact overall cost.

Optimize cloud rate and usage

Reduce costs by identifying inefficiencies and opportunities to purchase commitment-based discounts.

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E-book titled FinOps with Azure

FinOps with Azure: Bringing FinOps to life through organizational and cultural alignment

This e-book will guide you through the FinOps best practices and principles to highlight Microsoft solutions that support the cloud journey and help your organization to maximize cloud business value.

Frequently asked questions

  • FinOps is a cultural practice designed to help organizations manage their cloud costs more effectively. It brings together finance, IT, engineering, and business teams to collaborate on optimizing cloud spending to achieve business goals. The goal of FinOps is to provide a framework that allows organizations to maximize cloud cost optimization and business value.

  • The FinOps framework has three phases that organizations can use to implement FinOps practices and optimize their cloud financial management. These phases are inform, optimize and operate.

  • The crawl, walk, run approach allows organizations to gradually mature their cloud cost management practices, building capabilities and expertise over time. By starting small and growing gradually, organizations can ensure that their FinOps practices are aligned with business goals to deliver maximum value to the organization.

  • FinOps domains represent groups of activities or knowledge that guide organizations to successfully adopt FinOps best practices.

  • FinOps capabilities are functional areas of activity that support FinOps domains. 
    These functional activities and processes are intended to be in service of enablement, education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, actionable tasks, business objectives, and FinOps maturity improvement.

  • Yes, Microsoft is a premier member of the FinOps Foundation.