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Azure Lighthouse helps Sage provide a fast, flexible path to the cloud for medium-sized businesses

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Опубликовано: 14.07.2021

In working with the Microsoft EMEA downstream to refine the Sage Provisioning Portal, Sage found that giving partners access to the right client data at precisely the right time was a challenge. The combined team was only momentarily slowed down.

Sage and Azure found a seemingly tailor-made solution in Azure Lighthouse. With it, Sage business partners gain just-in-time permissions to the right roles for the right data. This gives appropriate roles tightly focused visibility into how the Sage Provisioning Portal interacts with the partner’s Azure subscription as well as all the actions it takes.

With the power of Azure Lighthouse, Sage could fully extend the Sage Partner Cloud Program to its partners and customers faster while reducing development cost. They can now easily and precisely facilitate and target partner access, security, scalability, and business continuity. And they slash migration times by up to 96%—from two days to just one hour.