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Azure Payment HSM

Proteger los pagos digitales en la nube con un servicio de pago de módulo de seguridad de hardware (HSM)

Accelerate the digital transformation of your payment ecosystem

Azure Payment HSM is a bare metal infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that provides cryptographic key operations for real-time payment transactions in Azure. It's delivered using Thales payShield 10K payment HSMs and meets the most stringent payment card industry (PCI) requirements for security, compliance, low latency, and high performance.

Certified as PCI 3DS and PCI DSS compliant

FIPS 140-2 level 3 and PCI HSM v3 certified HSM

Full administrative and cryptographic control of the HSM

High performance and low latency with cloud scale and global redundancy

Mejore la seguridad y el cumplimiento

Maintain security and compliance standards for your PCI environments in the cloud. Azure datacenters that house Azure Payment HSM solutions are PCI DSS and PCI 3DS compliant, and the service uses Thales payShield 10K HSMs, which are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM v3 certified. This allows you to simplify ongoing security audit compliance and increase your security posture.

Manage your payment HSM in Azure

Maintain full administrative control of your PCI environment in the cloud with single-tenant, self-managed HSMs. Once the HSM is allocated to your subscription, Microsoft has no access to your data. When the HSM is no longer required and the device is returned to Microsoft, your data is erased to ensure complete privacy and security.

Start your digital transformation in the cloud

Lift and shift your applications to the cloud and ensure low latency and high performance for mission-critical payment applications. Take advantage of the latest certified hardware and software on demand and lower upfront investment with the OPEX subscription model.

Seguridad y cumplimiento normativo completos e integrados

  • Microsoft invierte más de USD 1 millardo al año en la investigación y el desarrollo de la ciberseguridad.

  • Contamos con más de 3,500 expertos en seguridad dedicados a proteger la seguridad y la privacidad de los datos.

  • Azure tiene más certificaciones que cualquier otro proveedor en la nube. Vea la lista completa.

Azure Payment HSM pricing

Azure payment HSM uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model with an hourly billing meter that records number of HSM resources, performance speed, timespan, and other factors. You'll be billed monthly and will be able to upgrade or downgrade performance level on demand to meet your business needs.

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Iniciar gratis. Obtenga $200 crédito para usarlo en un plazo de 30 días. Aunque tenga su crédito, obtenga cantidades gratuitas de muchos de nuestros servicios más populares, además de cantidades gratuitas de más de 40 servicios que siempre son gratuitos.

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Azure Payment HSM resources and documentation

Explore la documentación técnica

Read about the easy steps required to secure your digital payments in the cloud.

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Learn more about Azure Payment HSM in our blog.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Payment HSM Preview

  • Azure Payment HSM is available for preview in East US and North Europe regions.
  • After HSMs are provisioned, they're connected directly to a user's virtual network, and HSMs are under users' sole administrative control. HSMs can be provisioned as a pair of devices and configured for high availability. The service uses Thales payShield Manager for secure remote access to the HSM.
  • Financial institutions and service providers in the payment ecosystem including issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors, and payment networks would benefit from Azure Payment HSM.
  • With benefits including low latency and the ability to quickly add more HSM capacity as required, Azure Payment HSM is a perfect fit for a broad range of use cases, including payment processing, payment credential issuing, securing keys and authentication data, and sensitive data protection.
  • As Azure Payment HSM is a specialized service, you can request access via email.

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