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Azure CycleCloud

Create, manage, operate, and optimize HPC and big compute clusters of any scale

Azure CycleCloud is the simplest way to manage HPC workloads

Use any scheduler (like Slurm, Grid Engine, HPC Pack, HTCondor, LSF, PBS Pro, or Symphony), on Azure:

Download Azure CycleCloud

Azure CycleCloud in Azure Marketplace

  • Deploy full clusters and other resources, including scheduler, compute VMs, storage, networking, and cache.
  • Customize and optimize clusters through advanced policy and governance features, including cost controls, Active Directory integration, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Orchestrate job, data, and cloud workflows.
  • Use your current job scheduler and applications without modification.
  • Give admins full control over which users can run jobs, as well as where and at what cost.
  • Take advantage of built-in autoscaling and battle-tested reference architectures for a wide range of HPC workloads and industries.

Easily create and manage HPC clusters

Simplify HPC cluster configuration and easily deploy validated, enterprise-ready reference architectures for common workload management across many industries. Deploy entire clusters—including networking, storage, compute, and the entire software stack—with just a few clicks.

Use any job scheduler or software stack

CycleCloud supports any job scheduler or software stack—from proprietary in-house to open-source, third-party, and commercial applications.

Automatically scale the HPC cluster to any size

Your resource demands evolve over time, and your cluster should, too. With scheduler-aware autoscaling, you can fit your resources to your workload.

Control and monitor your clusters

CycleCloud integrates with your Active Directory or LDAP server and provides role-based access control—helping to protect your valuable and sensitive HPC workloads. Cost alerting and controls plus performance monitoring help you get the most value from your environments.

Customize your clusters

Provision your Azure resources—including virtual machines and disks—to your specifications. Run Linux or Windows operating systems with your application stack installed and configured. Define clusters with templates so you can easily create new copies of each cluster. Easily give each user or application their own dedicated cluster.

Enable Hybrid HPC

With support for Avere, Microsoft HPC Pack, and built-in data transfer tools, CycleCloud enables burst and hybrid HPC environments. Simply run jobs in the appropriate environment.

Why trust Azure CycleCloud?

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Enhance Azure CycleCloud with additional features and products, like security and backup services.

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