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Quantum computing applies the properties of quantum physics to process information. Where current computers would require billions of years to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, a scaled quantum computer may find a solution in weeks, days or hours. Azure Quantum is an open ecosystem of quantum partners and technologies. Building on decades of quantum research and scalable enterprise cloud offerings, it is a complete solution that gives you the freedom to create your own path to scalable quantum computing. Azure Quantum is also your entry point into integrating quantum-inspired optimisation running on classical Azure hardware for immediate results. Through a familiar Azure environment, you’ll have access to all of the tools and resources that you need to quickly advance on your journey to a quantum future and experience the benefits of quantum technology today.

An open ecosystem, enabling you to access diverse quantum software, hardware and solutions from Microsoft and our partners

A trusted, scalable and secure platform that will continue to adapt to our rapidly evolving quantum future

Quantum impact today, with pre-built solutions that run on classical and accelerated compute resources (also referred to as optimisation solutions)

Get ready for your Azure Quantum experience with the Quantum development kit

The Quantum development kit is an open-source development kit to develop quantum applications and solve optimisation problems. It includes the high-level quantum programming language Q#, a set of libraries, simulators, support for Q# in environments such as Visual Studio Code and Jupyter Notebooks, and interoperability with Python or .NET languages.

Azure Quantum Developer Workshop

Do you want to become a quantum developer? View the free on-demand content from our latest Azure Quantum Developer Workshop. This workshop is designed to help developers become quantum-ready and use the Azure Quantum service, including quantum hardware, software and solutions, through targeted learning sessions and a virtual lab.

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Azure Quantum partners with industry leaders to assemble and curate some of the most compelling and diverse quantum resources available today – including optimisation and quantum hardware solutions – for developers and customers across all industries.

Azure Quantum enables you to learn, build and deploy impactful solutions at scale, helping you harness quantum computing and benefit from the latest innovations.

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The Azure Quantum stack

Azure Quantum is a full-stack open cloud ecosystem. Build once and access a diverse set of quantum resources: pre-built solutions, dev tools, accelerated classical hardware and quantum hardware.

Quantum hardware and classical compute

Many different types of quantum hardware are available today or are in development across the globe, including trapped-ion, superconducting qubits and our approach based on topological qubits.

Our optimisation solutions, developed with Microsoft partners, can be run on classical large-scale compute resources as well as hardware-accelerated on specialised hardware.

Azure Quantum gives you the flexibility to write your code once and run it on a diverse selection of classical and quantum hardware.

Hyper-scale cloud

The integration of Azure Quantum with the wider Azure ecosystem enables you to make the best use of existing hyper-scale cloud infrastructure right alongside your quantum solutions and quantum hardware.

Azure Quantum runs on the back of the most trusted and scalable hyper-scale cloud that will support you as your needs evolve.

Software, tools and services

Azure Quantum provides a comprehensive open-source development kit that helps you implement end-to-end optimisation solutions and develop programmes to target a wide range of quantum hardware.

The Quantum development kit includes the high-level quantum programming language Q# and Python support to formulate and submit your optimisation problems to Azure Quantum. The kit enables you to write code once and execute against multiple different targets. You can remain in a familiar environment, such as Jupyter Notebooks, Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio, and make full use of powerful debugging and resource estimation capabilities to start designing algorithms and tackle your hardest problems.

Application areas

Quantum computers will deliver value across numerous application areas. They include optimisation problems spanning all industries, quantum simulation problems – simulating physical systems that are quantum in nature such as complex chemistry and materials science problems – and machine learning.

Documentation, resources and learning material

See how customers are using Azure Quantum

"In the field of computational chemistry, high accuracy property prediction is considered to be very difficult... Running our quantum computing methods with Azure Quantum optimization solutions, we are getting results that are more accurate than other algorithms."

Scott Genin, Head of Materials Discovery, OTI Lumionics
OTI Lumionics

"Microsoft is providing optimized quantum inspired algorithms to really solve our hard problems, using them to make MRI faster, cheaper, and more efficient to help people all over the world with this technology."

Mark Griswold, PhD, Professor, Radiology, Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University

"We are delighted to work with Microsoft to bring the revolutionary power of quantum computing to Dubai... to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world."

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of DEWA
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

"Microsoft Quantum Development Kit definitely makes it much easier to go from the chemistry product specification to the output that we care about."

Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Systems Software and Applications Team Lead, PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"By focusing on how we would model the problems on quantum computers… we are able to work with Microsoft to redefine the problems and speed up our solutions on existing hardware."

John Haley, CEO, Willis Towers Watson
Willis Towers Watson

"Ford brings the expertise from the problem areas and where the value really is for us, and Microsoft brings the Quantum expertise and the team together to help formulate a solution."

Patrick Ellis, Manager, Ford Research

Frequently asked questions about Azure Quantum

  • Azure Quantum is currently in limited preview with select customers and partners, and will move to public preview later this year.
  • You can apply to join the Microsoft Quantum Network here. If your application is accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to engage one-to-one with Microsoft to jointly develop solutions to benefit your organisation and the quantum computing industry. Request to join
  • You can find our latest learning material on Microsoft Learn here. You can also view additional resources, such as code libraries, samples, self-guided tutorials, notebooks and community support in the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit.

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