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Web Log Analytics for Azure HDInsight

Published date: April 26, 2017

Azure HDInsight will soon include specific tasks—such as doing Web Log Analytics on Azure Website—in the query console. All customers who will deploy their websites and web apps using Azure Websites will generate web logs that'll track all HTTP transactions and detailed error logging. These logs will be stored in Azure Blobs as non-relational files that are semi-structured. Traditionally, semi-structured files will be harder to analyze unless they are extracted and transformed into a relational table or database. While Hadoop was built for these specific use cases—like the ability to analyze large volumes of non-relational files—it isn’t easy to learn and pick up. To address this, Azure HDInsight will soon include a web log analytics task in its query console to guide customers through the process in a few simple steps.

Learn more about Web Log Analytics for HDInsight in this blog post.

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