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Transactionally consistent database copy for Azure SQL Database Hyperscale tier

Published date: 22 September, 2020

Now in preview, the Hyperscale service tier in Azure SQL Database supports generating a transactionally consistent database copy to either the same or different logical server or region, similar to database copy already supported in other service tiers. This enables scenarios where Hyperscale databases have to be copied for various reasons, such as development and testing. If a database copy is created within the same region, it is a fast operation regardless of data size, similar to a point in time restore in Hyperscale. A cross-region database copy is a slower size of data operation.

If you require support for database copy in your workflow, you can now take advantage of unique Hyperscale capabilities such as support for very large databases, fast scaling, and multiple replicas. Learn how to create a database copy and visit our Hyperscale database copy blog for more details.

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