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The Azure Blockchain Workbench Solidity compiler has been upgraded to version 0.5.10

Published date: 14 January, 2020

In response to customer request, the Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.8.0 Solidity compiler has been upgraded to the latest version, 0.5.10. 

Note that if you deploy new applications in Blockchain Workbench, uploading older smart contracts may result in error messages saying that a different compiler version is required. Since there are breaking changes from the 0.4  to 0.5 compiler versions, you’ll need to update your smart contract to account for these changes. All Azure Blockchain samples on GitHub have been updated.  

To update your Solidity compiler version, deploy a new instance of Blockchain Workbench through the Azure Portal or upgrade your existing deployments to 1.8.0 using the upgrade script.   

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