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Public Preview: Enhanced performance and scalability in Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Published date: 15 November, 2023

Enhanced performance and scalability is coming to Azure Database for PostgreSQL, powered by a set of features that provide advanced storage and compute with optimal price-performance for enterprise production workloads. These features can also help organizations optimize resources and improve mission-critical workloads.

Features include:
• Premium SSD v2 in public preview, which offers sub-millisecond disk latencies for demanding IO-intensive workloads at a low-cost, providing great flexibility for managing the performance and cost of Tier-1 production environments.
• Public preview of IOPS scaling, which enables you to scale up IOPS to perform transient operations, such as migrations or data loads, more quickly and then scale back down when not required to save cost.
• General availability of near-zero downtime compute/storage scaling, which allows you to dynamically adjust the amount of your compute and storage resources based on current demand via a seamless experience with near-zero downtime.

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