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Logic Apps runtime platform updates and development capabilities

Published date: December 09, 2020

This refresh of the public preview for Logic Apps both deepens and extends support for key capabilities.  Key updates include:

  • Previous Logic Apps preview release supported local development on Windows; Now you can develop and test locally on Linux and Mac using Visual Studio Code.  Deploy and run everywhere:  Azure, on any container, and on premises.
  • Direct support for integration accounts - saving money, reducing overhead, and improving performance.
  • Custom connector extensions, enabling you to extend Logic Apps' out-of-the-box support for over 400 connectors by writing your own connectors in code. 
  • Built-in integration with Application Insights, providing near real-time telemetry for Logic Apps workflows.
  • New layout engine supporting rendering of complex workflows.
  • Additional work to replicate capabilities found in the Generally Available release of Logic Apps:  This includes Webhook triggers and actions support when developing locally, and the ability to invoke Azure Functions.

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