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Azure DevTest Labs: Easier troubleshooting of artifact installation

Published date: October 03, 2016

It's now easier to check artifact installation details in Azure DevTest Labs. Artifacts are used to deploy and configure your application after a VM is provisioned, which can be any of the following:

  • Tools that you want to install on the VM—such as agents, Fiddler, and Visual Studio
  • Actions that you want to run on the VM—such as cloning a repository
  • Applications that you want to test

An artifact contains a definition file (Artifactfile.json) and optionally scripts to be executed. DevTest Labs loads artifacts from GitHub or a Visual Studio Team System Git repository. By default, the public repository is connected to a lab at creation. You can also add your own custom artifact repository by using a personal access token.

When artifacts are being installed to a lab VM, DevTest Labs provides a high-level summary on the artifact installation result. However, on the lab VM blade, we've introduced a new view—Artifacts—that lists the artifacts and shows their latest status.

Artifact list

Select one artifact from the list, and you'll see detailed information about it.

Artifact installation details

You can also apply new artifacts right away from the top of the list, if you want to test more custom artifacts.

Apply artifacts from the artifact list

Please try it today and let us know what you think about it! If you have an idea for how to make it work better, submit your feedback (or vote for others) at the Azure DevTest Labs feedback forum.

Have a question? Check out answers or ask a new question at the MSDN Community forum.

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