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Quantum Innovator Series

Watch this webinar series to learn from Azure Quantum scientists and leaders about the path to quantum at scale—and how to get involved.

Follow the path to quantum at scale

Get a firsthand account of the Microsoft strategy for scaled quantum computing.

Upcoming webinars how can we solve quantum problems today

Learn how years of Microsoft research revealed how the discovery of new chemicals, materials, and drugs will greatly benefit from HPC and quantum computing.

How will a hybrid of classical and quantum compute in the cloud enable a new class of applications?

Explore the latest Microsoft advancement that enables quantum and classical compute to integrate seamlessly in the cloud—a first for our industry and an important step forward on our path to quantum at scale. Presented by Dr. Krysta Svore and Mark Russinovich.

Have you started developing for practical quantum advantage?

Learn about recent advancements, how to prepare for practical quantum advantage, and what type of end-to-end system is required for scalable quantum computing. Presented by Dr. Krysta Svore.

Why and what is the future of the topological qubit?

Learn why Microsoft decided to design its quantum machine with topological qubits—an approach both more challenging and more promising than others—and what’s next for Microsoft hardware. Presented by Dr. Chetan Nayak.