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Build and deploy Go apps with Azure, and boost productivity with Visual Studio Code

Get started with USD$200 credit and 12 months of popular services at no cost.

Build and deploy Go apps on the cloud, with a range of apps and data services

Web Apps with Go

Deploy and run your Go code on a managed, Linux-based platform with the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service. Web Apps offers simplified high availability and automatic scaling.

Managed Kubernetes

Run your Go apps and services, as well as any other Docker container, with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). AKS offers a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster that easily integrates with other Azure services using Open Service Broker for Azure.

Virtual Machines

Use your favorite Linux distribution—such as Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian—to run your code with scalable Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Global NoSQL Database

Build applications that leverage a scalable database with Azure Cosmos DB—a globally-distributed, massively scalable, and multi-model NoSQL database service that’s compatible with MongoDB.

Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Set up your favorite relational database in the cloud using reliable, scalable, and fully-managed services for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Object storage

Add durable, highly scalable cloud object storage to your application with Azure Storage, for all kinds of documents and unstructured data.

Dev and DevOps tools

Editing Go code

Write better Go code faster with Visual Studio Code—a free, open source, lightweight editor for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Comes with IntelliSense code completions for Go, built-in debugging, linting, and other features.

CI/CD, Git, Agile

Visual Studio Team Services is a cloud-hosted DevOps suite of services offering unlimited private Git repositories, CI/CD pipelines for any language and platform, Linux and Windows build agents, and Agile planning tools. Free for individuals and small teams of up to five.


Get detailed, near real-time insights into the health, state, and performance of your Azure resources and apps with Azure Monitor. Set up alerts and easily diagnose issues.

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