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Azure Monitor

Gain end-to-end observability for your applications, infrastructure, and network.

Transform your business with modern monitoring

Collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from your cloud and hybrid environments. Azure Monitor supports your operations at scale by helping you maximize the performance and availability of your resources and proactively identify problems.

Curated insights for a customized monitoring experience on a particular service or set of services with minimal configuration
Visualization tools to observe ingested data from your distributed environment on a single pane of glass
Powerful data platform for deeper troubleshooting, diagnosis, and analysis
Critical situation response with near-real-time alerts and ability to autoscale resources when load increases

Easily enable Azure Monitor for any Azure or hybrid resource

Simplicity: Onboard with Azure Monitor agent and get started quickly by leveraging samples and recommendations.

Hybrid: Extend Azure Monitor to your edge, on-premises, and multicloud environments with Azure Arc.

Quality: Azure Monitor is backed by Azure SLAs, regionally available with your resources, and capable of handling thousands of terabytes of data per day.

A laptop displaying the Azure dashboard
An application map in Azure

Observe at any level across the stack for deep insights

Insights: Get curated visualizations, reports, and diagnostic tools for specific resources such as application insights for application performance monitoring and VM insightscontainer insights, and network insights for infrastructure monitoring.

Distributed tracing: Correlate transactions end-to-end from apps to dependencies to infrastructure with built-in topology views like application map, VM map, network map, and OpenTelemetry-based vendor-agnostic tracing capabilities.

Logs platform: Access long-term storage and perform sophisticated analysis with a powerful centralized logs platform.

Security scenarios: The centralized Azure Monitor Logs platform powers security monitoring and SIEM scenarios in Azure with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud."

Innovate with an open and extensible platform

Operational dashboarding: Leverage rich dashboarding and reporting capabilities, including interoperability with Azure Managed Grafana for single-pane-of-glass visualization across multicloud environments.

Open-source solutions: Get support for Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects with a managed service for Prometheus, a Logstash output plugin for sending custom logs to Azure Monitor.

Partners and interoperability: Azure Monitor works with partner solutions like Datadog and Elastic, webhooks to export data, ITSM systems to connect alerts, and Azure Pipelines for DevOps toolchains.

Maps and data in a private dashboard in Azure Monitor
People working at their desks

Enable enterprise readiness for mission-critical scenarios

Privacy: Gain full GDPR compliance with purge data support and Customer Lockbox protection.

Security: Get data encryption at rest with customer-managed keys in Azure Key Vault. Boost infrastructure security with 256-bit AES encryptions, and securely connect to any of your private network endpoints with Azure Private Link support.

Compliance: Leverage activity logs and audit logs for security compliance, retain or archive specific data for up to seven years with additional support for data immutability in Azure Storage, and comply with most data residency and sovereignty requirements.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

Get started with an Azure free account


Start free. Get USD$200 credit to use within 30 days. While you have your credit, get free amounts of many of our most popular services, plus free amounts of 55+ other services that are always free.


After your credit, move to pay as you go to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.


After 12 months, you'll keep getting 55+ always-free services—and still pay only for what you use beyond your free monthly amounts.

Trusted by companies to monitor their complex environments

“Azure Monitor allows us to see actual service activities and API response speed, making maintenance tasks much easier to recognize.”

Mr. Koji Kagaya, Senior Engineer, UPWARD

A person using the Upward app on a mobile phone

“We’re solving problems before they are known to end users, rather than dealing with them as they arise. That’s a depth to our alerting capabilities that we didn’t have before.”

Jason Higgins, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Transport for Greater Manchester

A train in Manchester

“The monitoring functionalities in application insights are very valuable—not only to identify issues during daily operations but also to see which parts of the system we need to focus on to allow our business to grow.”

Georg Deschler, Senior Manager, Bosch

A boat with containers being monitored on land

“The insight you get now in Azure Monitor and Microsoft Defender for Cloud is invaluable. We can now access the right services for our environment through Azure, so we don’t have to add more vendors within the Atlas platform.”

Øyvind Naas, Core Services and Security Lead, Elvia

A Norwegian landscape

“At present, we have no issues that have caused the system to go down. Azure Monitor application insights follows users’ app operations and automatically detects and diagnoses any abnormality.”

Kyoko Atagi, Senior Enterprise Systems Architect, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Monitor

  • Microsoft combined three unique services—Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, and Application Insights—under the umbrella of Azure Monitor to provide powerful end-to-end monitoring of your applications and the components they rely on. Log Analytics and Application Insights are now features of Azure Monitor. The log data engine and query language of Log Analytics is now referred to as Azure Monitor Logs. See Azure Monitor terminology updates.

  • Azure Monitor is enabled the moment you create a new Azure subscription, and activity log and platform metrics are automatically collected. Create diagnostic settings to collect more detailed information about the operations of your Azure resources, and add monitoring solutions and insights to provide extra analysis on collected data for particular services.

  • No. Azure Monitor is a scalable cloud service that processes and stores large amounts of data, although Azure Monitor can monitor resources that are on-premises and in other clouds.

  • You can easily migrate your SCOM deployments to the cloud with Azure Monitor SCOM managed instance, a scalable, cloud monitoring service that combines the latest SCOM capabilities with the benefits of a fully managed and evergreen platform as a service (PaaS), on Azure Monitor.

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