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Azure Managed Grafana

Deploy Grafana dashboards as a fully managed Azure service.

Enhance your observability solution with rich data visualization

Azure Managed Grafana is a fully managed service for analytics and monitoring solutions. It's supported by Grafana Enterprise, which provides extensible data visualizations. Quickly and easily deploy Grafana dashboards with built-in high availability and control access with Azure security.

Optimized for Azure-native data sources from services such as Azure Monitor and Azure Data Explorer

Secure dashboard sharing for collaboration with a dispersed team

Integrated identity management with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)

One-click dashboard authoring from existing charts in the Azure portal

Observe all your telemetry data in one place

Access a wide variety of data sources supported by Grafana Enterprise and connect to your data stores in Azure and elsewhere. Combine charts, logs, and alerts to create one holistic view of your application and infrastructure. Correlate information across multiple datasets.

A full stack view with Container Insights and Application Insights in Managed Grafana
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Collaborate easily with your team

Share Grafana dashboards with people inside and outside of your organization. Allow others to contribute to solution monitoring and troubleshooting.

Secure access with Microsoft Entra ID

Centralize identity management in Microsoft Entra ID. Control which users can use a Grafana instance and leverage managed identities to access Azure data sources from services such as Azure Monitor.

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Create dashboards with ease

Get started quickly with prebuilt dashboards for Azure services and import existing charts directly from the Azure Portal.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Azure Managed Grafana resources and documentation


Learn how to use Azure Managed Grafana.

Product Roadmap

Frequently asked questions about Azure Managed Grafana

  • No. Azure Managed Grafana runs on Grafana Labs' commercial software, which implements additional enterprise functionality.

  • You'll have the option to add Grafana Enterprise plugins at a later date.

  • Due to security concerns, Azure Managed Grafana doesn't currently support custom plugins.

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