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Azure for ISVs

Build, innovate, and scale with a cloud you can trust
Build, innovate, and scale with a cloud you can trust.

Build, innovate, and scale with Azure

  • Utilize more than 1,600 AI models to provide individualized experiences for your users.
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  • Build customizable virtual assistants or chatbots that can understand language, context, and user intent.
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  • Ensure data privacy by owning your data and training models with customer data sourced internally.
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  • Enhance your apps with Microsoft’s complete Copilot stack approach for generative AI.
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Products and capabilities

Deliver exceptional in-product experiences

Azure AI Studio

Build, evaluate, and deploy your AI solutions all within one space.

Azure AI Search

Deliver accurate, hyper-personalized responses in your generative AI applications.

Azure AI Bot Service

Design and build enterprise-grade conversational AI bots.

Azure OpenAI Service

Build your own copilot and generative AI solutions for a variety of use cases with built-in security and compliance.

Azure Machine Learning

Build, deploy, and manage high-quality models faster and with confidence.

Microsoft Fabric

Access, manage, and act on data and insights by connecting every data source and analytics service on a single platform.

GitHub Enterprise

With GitHub Enterprise and Copilot, use a single development platform to build new features, get code suggestions, and debug.
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Driving transformation with Azure AI services

Learn how companies use AI to innovate without extensive AI expertise or increased operational costs.
Case studies

Trusted by the world’s most innovative brands

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Accelerate innovation

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Join ISV Success

Accelerate app development, reach more customers, and amplify sales with exclusive tools and resources.
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Publish and sell apps

Speed up your sales cycle and drive more leads when you publish in the Microsoft commercial marketplace.
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Azure partner-led offerings

Drive more value with a frictionless path, expert guidance, and funding for migration to innovation.