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Blockchain Workbench

Connect your blockchain to the cloud without the heavy lifting

Quickly start your blockchain projects with Azure Blockchain Workbench.

  • Simplify development and ease experimentation with prebuilt networks and infrastructure.
  • Accelerate time to value through integrations and extensions to the cloud services and consuming apps.
  • Innovate with confidence on an open, trusted and globally available platform.

Get up and running quickly

With Azure Blockchain Workbench, configure and deploy a consortium network with just a few clicks. Ideal for dev/test exploration, Workbench’s automatic ledger deployment, network construction and pre-built blockchain commands greatly reduce infrastructure development time.

Build applications in days not months

Reduce development time and cost with prebuilt integrations to the cloud services needed for application development. Associate blockchain identities with Azure Active Directory (AD) for easier sign-in and collaboration. Securely store private keys with Azure Key Vault. Ingest the messages and events required to trigger your smart contracts with Service Bus and Event Hubs. Signing, hashing and routing tools transform messages into the format expected by the blockchain’s native API. Synchronise on-chain data with off-chain storage and databases to more easily query attestations and visualise ledger activity.

Connect your blockchain to your business

Easily integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications leveraging Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps. Extend capabilities with a REST-based API for client development and a message-based API for system-to-system integration.

Innovate with confidence

Build on your own timeline and scale when you need to, using the global availability and reliability of Azure, safeguarding your consortiums data on the cloud platform with more certifications than any other cloud provider.

Customers using Blockchain Workbench

3M uses Azure Blockchain to enable a new label-as-a-service approach for securing their supply chains

"We were looking for a way to reduce risk in our internal systems, but as we worked with Azure Blockchain, we saw an opportunity to create a service that we could monetize as a whole new line of business."
Oscar Naim, PhD, Lead Software Architecture Specialist

Interswitch uses Azure Blockchain Workbench to build a more prosperous Africa

"With a single version of the truth across the supply chain, Nigerian lenders and suppliers can identify and build relationships with high performing entrepreneurs. That will help empower people to create more jobs, more wealth, and a more prosperous Africa."
Eghosa Ojo, Design Thinker and Head of Innovation, Interswitch

Bühler will track crops from farm to fork using blockchain technology

"These problems in the food chain have been with us for some time. But now we have the technology to solve them."
Stuart Bashford, Buhler Group, Digital Officer

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