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The service principal is now available for Power BI Embedded

Published date: August 14, 2019

Service principal allows you to access resources or perform operations using Power BI API without the need for a user to sign in or have a Power BI Pro license. Service principal can also embed content for non-Power BI users in 3rd party applications.

Since the Preview release, the following capabilities have been added to service principal:

  • Schedule dataset refreshes – since service principal cannot log in to the Power BI portal, it cannot configure scheduled refreshes. To tackle this challenge, we released a new API that configures scheduled refreshes for datasets, so that service principal can use it. Learn more.
  • Share workspaces with service principal – Workspaces can be shared with service principal, just like any other Power BI user, by typing the service principal name in the ‘email address’ field. Power BI will auto complete the service principal name for faster searching.
  • Admin portal – enabling service principal is performed in the Admin portal. Now, a Power BI Admin can enable access to service principals for the entire organization. 

Learn more with this documentation article.

Note: it is recommended to enable service principal access only from specific security groups. Learn more

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