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Public preview: Network Watcher packet capture support for virtual machine scale sets

Published date: June 08, 2022

Network Watcher packet capture allows you to create packet capture sessions to track traffic to and from virtual machine scale set (VMSS) instances. This will help to diagnose network anomalies both reactively and proactively. Other uses include gathering network statistics, gaining information on network intrusions, debugging client-server communications, and more. 

Packet capture is an extension that is remotely started through Network Watcher as virtual machine scale sets can have 2-100 instances. This capability eases the burden of running a packet capture manually on the desired virtual machine scale set instances, which saves valuable time. Packet capture can be triggered through the portal, PowerShell, CLI, or REST API. Filters are provided for the capture session to ensure you capture traffic you want to monitor. Filters are based on 5-tuple (protocol, local IP address, remote IP address, local port, and remote port) information. The captured data is stored in the local disk or a storage blob. 

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