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Public preview: Microsoft Azure Deployment Environments

Published date: October 12, 2022

Azure Deployment Environments has entered public preview. Azure Deployment Environments help dev teams create and manage all types of environments throughout the application lifecycle with features like: 

On-demand environments enable developer to spin up environments with each feature branch to enable higher quality code reviews and ensure devs can view and test their changes in a prod-like environment.  

Sandbox environments can be used as greenfield environments for experimentation and research.

CI/CD pipeline environments integrate with your CI/CD deployment pipeline to automatically create dev, test (regression, load, integration), staging, and production environments at specified points in the development lifecycle.

Environment types enable dev infra and IT teams to create preconfigured mappings that automatically apply the right subscriptions, permissions, and identities to environments deployed by developers based on their current stage of development.

Template catalogues housed in a code repo that can be accessed and edited by developers and IT admins to propagate best practices while maintaining security and governance.

For more information about Azure Deployment Environments, visit the announcement blog.

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