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Public preview: Connection Monitor Support for virtual machine scale sets

Published date: June 08, 2022

Azure Network Watcher Connection Monitor announces support for virtual machines scale sets (VMSS). It is an enhanced capability to allow connectivity checks from virtual machine scale sets, eliminating the necessity to create multiple connectivity tests for individual instances of the scale set. This enables faster performance monitoring and network troubleshooting.

Connection Monitor provides:

  • An intuitive experience
  • Unified, end-to-end connection monitoring in Azure Network Watcher
  • Hybrid monitoring needs with cross-region and cross-workspace connectivity monitoring which provides higher probing frequencies and better visibility into network performance
  • Faster alerting for your hybrid deployments with support for connectivity checks that are based on HTTP, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

Learn more about Connection Monitor and create Connection Monitor using the portal.

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