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General availability: Object replication on premium blob storage and rule limit increased

Published date: May 02, 2022

Object replication now supports premium block blobs to replicate your data from your blob container in one storage account to another anywhere in Azure. The destination storage account can be a premium block blob or a general-purpose v2 storage account.

You can also specify up to 1000 replication rules (increased from 10) for each replication policy for both general-purpose v2 and premium block blob storage accounts.  

Object replication unblocks a set of common replication scenarios for block blobs: 

  • Minimize latency – have your users consume the data locally rather than issuing cross-region read requests.  
  • Increase efficiency – have your compute clusters process the same set of objects locally in different regions. 
  • Optimize data distribution – have your data consolidated in a single location for processing/analytics and then distribute only resulting dashboards to your offices worldwide. 
  • Optimizing costs – after your data has been replicated, you can reduce costs by moving it to the archive tier using life cycle management policies. 

 Please refer to object replication documentation  for more details. 

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