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Generally available: Enabling JBoss EAP on Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Published date: July 06, 2022

The new guidance details the recommended use of the following:

  • Bootable JAR deployments
  • The WildFly JAR Maven plugin
  • Galleon layers
  • Galleon data sources feature pack
  • Clustered state on Kubernetes 
  • OpenShift secrets and liveness/readiness probes
  • JBoss EAP Helm Charts.

The guidance allows for a high degree of configuration and customization.

Red Hat and Microsoft are working on the possibility to provide jointly developed and supported Marketplace offerings targeting JBoss EAP on ARO later in the year. The overall Microsoft and Red Hat partnership already includes existing offers to enable JBoss EAP on App Service as well as JBoss EAP on Azure Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

More details on these solutions are available here. You are encouraged to evaluate these solutions for full production usage, provide feedback, and engage with the team developing these solutions.

  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift
  • Features
  • Services

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