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General Availability: Malware Scanning in Defender for Storage

Published date: September 18, 2023

Malware Scanning in Defender for Storage will be generally available September 1, 2023. Malware Scanning helps overcome traditional challenges in non-compute malware protection, providing a scalable solution tailored for high-compliance industries. Malware Scanning is available as an add-on to Defender for Storage and is a significant enhancement to Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s security offerings for Azure Blob Storage. Malware Scanning offers: 

  • Near real-time agentless protection: full malware scan on uploaded content in near real time, using Microsoft Defender Antivirus capabilities. Catching polymorphic and metamorphic malware. 
  • Cost-effective security: control costs with flexible pricing based on the amount of data scanned and resource level granularity. Optional data capping allows you to align usage with your security budget. 
  • Simple enablement at scale: enabling Malware Scanning requires zero maintenance and supports automated responses at scale. It offers multiple options to enable at scale via an Azure built-in policy, Bicep, ARM, Terraform, the REST API, or the Azure portal UI.  
  • Use-case versatility: over the past two years, beta users have applied Malware Scanning in various scenarios, including web applications, content protection, compliance, third-party integrations, collaborative platforms, data pipelines, and machine learning (ML) training data.

Malware Scanning is priced per gigabyte of data scanned. Billing begins on September 3, 2023. Visit the pricing page for additional information.  

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