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General availability: Zone-redundant storage support by Azure Backup

Published date: October 17, 2022

The option to store the backup of the workloads protected by Azure Backup in zone redundant vaults is generally available. When you configure the protection of a resource with the zone-redundant storage (ZRS) vault, the backups replicate synchronously across three availability zones in a region. It enables you to perform successful restores and recover your data even if a zone goes down. For organizations governed by the compliance requirement of data not crossing the regional boundary, zone-redundant storage is the right and preferred choice for backups.

With the general availability of this feature, you have a broader set of redundancy or storage replication options to choose from for your backup data. Based on your data residency, data resiliency, and total cost of ownership (TCO) requirements, you can select either locally redundant storage (LRS), zone-redundant storage (ZRS), or geo-redundant storage (GRS).

Azure Backup currently supports ZRS in these regions.

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