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Azure Cosmos DB free tier is now available

Published date: March 06, 2020

Getting started with our service is easier than ever with the new Azure Cosmos DB free tier. Use it to develop and test your applications, run small workloads in production for free, or simply apply a discount to your Azure Cosmos DB account. When free tier is enabled on an Azure Cosmos DB account, you’ll get the first 400 RU/s and 5 GB of storage for free for the lifetime of the account. Additionally, when using shared throughput databases, you can create up to 25 containers that share 400 RU/s at the database level. There’s a maximum of one free tier account per Azure subscription and you must opt-in when creating the account.

Create a new account and get started with Azure Cosmos DB new free tier today.

See the Azure Cosmos DB pricing page for more details.

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