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Public Preview: Azure Automation Runtime environment & support for Azure CLI commands in runbooks

Published date: January 24, 2024

Azure Automation takes another step towards becoming the best-in-class platform for resource management in an adaptive cloud.

Azure Automation introduces Runtime environment (preview) that provides a simple and hassle-free experience for updating scripts to the latest language versions. It also provides complete control to configure the script execution environment, without worrying about conflicting module versions in a single Automation account. All existing runbooks are automatically available in the new Runtime environment experience with zero manual effort. You can navigate seamlessly between old and new experience with a single click.

Additionally, this feature enables support for Azure CLI commands (preview) in PowerShell 7.2 runbooks. You can leverage the combined benefits of rich command set of Azure CLI in Azure Automation runbooks to streamline management of Azure resources.  


Overview of Runtime environment
Manage Runtime environment and associated runbooks
Update runbook to latest language version
Create runbooks with Azure CLI commands

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