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Announcing the unified Azure Certified Device program

Published date: September 22, 2020

A unified and enhanced Azure Certified Device program is now available, expanding on previous Microsoft certification offerings that validate IoT devices meet specific capability needs and are built to run on Azure. This program enables device builders to quickly and easily differentiate their IoT device capabilities and reduce time to market by increasing visibility for their products.

Through the Azure Certified Device program, Microsoft is committed to helping a device builders better differentiate and promote their IoT devices while making it easy for solution builders and end customer to find the right device for their IoT solutions via the Azure Certified Device Catalog. With its release, three certifications are currently available for device submission: Azure Certified Device, IoT Plug and Play, and Edge Managed for Azure connected devices.

  • Azure Certified Device certification is a baseline for the more advanced certifications and validates a device can connect with Azure IoT Hub and securely provision through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS).

  • IoT Plug and Play certification validates Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) version 2 and interaction based on your device model, enabling a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience.

  • Edge Managed certification focuses on device management standards for Azure connected devices. Today, this program certification focuses on Edge runtime compatibility for module deployment and management.

Join the companies already beginning to prepare and certify their devices for IoT Plug and Play to maximize business potential. Learn more about these certifications and other certifications in development.

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