Microsoft Azure Certified guidelines

Last updated February 2016

Microsoft Azure Certified is a partner program that lets your software solutions run on or integrate with Microsoft Azure, and certifies them to let your customers know that they meet the quality standards that they expect. It consists of the tracks below:

Our newest program track, Microsoft Azure Certified for SaaS, certifies SaaS solutions built by independent software vendors (ISVs). It allows SaaS ISVs to integrate with the Azure platform through five Azure services:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Logic Apps feature in Azure App Service
  • Microsoft Intune (Mobile Application Management)
  • Cortana Analytics Suite

The purpose of this document is to provide some guidelines on how to position the Microsoft Azure Certification value proposition to your customers and use of the Microsoft Azure Certified logo.

Eligibility for program benefits

Microsoft Azure Certified for SaaS

Program benefits are earned once your application is successfully certified. To apply for certification, you need to support sign in with Azure Active Directory and then do at least one of the following:

  • Create a content pack for Microsoft Power BI
  • Enable graph-based user provisioning and organizational insight with Azure Active Directory
  • Integrate the Intune Mobile Application Management SDK into your application
  • Create a Cortana Analytics Suite insight pack
  • Register an API with Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure Certified for Azure Virtual Machines and developer services

Program benefits are earned once your application is successfully certified. Eligibility for the Microsoft Azure Certified program for Virtual Machines and developer services is based on availability in the Azure Marketplace. Below is the current eligibility for the types of offers in the Azure Marketplace.

  • Virtual machine images—eligible
  • Virtual machine extensions—not eligible
  • Services—not eligible
  • Web application—not eligible
  • Catalog listing—not eligible
  • ARM template—not eligible

Logo implementation

Once your application has been certified, you’ll receive the Microsoft Azure Certified logo. The following defines how you should use this logo to highlight that your product is Microsoft Azure Certified.


Place the logo on your own website on a page that features the application. The logo shouldn’t be placed in such a way that indicates that all other applications are certified as such. It also shouldn’t be placed on a “partners” page to indicate that you are Microsoft Partner. The logo should always link to where customers can gather more information about the Microsoft Azure Certified program.

Clear space and minimum size:

Provide adequate clear space around the logo equal to the height of the "M" in the badge. The logo shouldn’t be used any smaller than .5"x.5". File types available include PNG (for online application) and PDF (for print application)

Messaging to your customers

The Microsoft Azure Certified program lets customers know your solution is pre-tested and meets high-quality standards. Once your application has been successfully certified, you may include this information in your own marketing materials. Be sure to keep your messaging specific to applications that have been certified vs. broad, overarching statements.

Correct messaging to your customers:

  • Contoso's application is certified to run on Microsoft Azure.
  • Contoso's application is Microsoft Azure Certified.
  • We have certified this application to run on Microsoft Azure.
  • We have pre-tested this application to run on Microsoft Azure.
  • We will support this application running on Microsoft Azure.


  • Contoso is Microsoft Azure Certified.
  • We are certified on Microsoft Azure.
  • We are a Microsoft Partner.
  • We are a Microsoft Azure Certified partner.

Explaining the value of Microsoft Azure Certified

Your customers will want to know what value Microsoft Azure Certified provides for them. In general, your messaging should cover any of the following core value propositions of Microsoft Azure Certified for customers:

  • Use Microsoft Azure Certified solutions with confidence knowing they have been thoroughly vetted by Microsoft and the provider for compatibility with Microsoft Azure.
  • With Microsoft Azure Certified applications and services, you can bring your mission-critical workloads to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

If your solution is published in the Azure Marketplace:

  • Easily find, purchase, and deploy Microsoft Azure Certified applications and services from the Azure Marketplace.
  • As a Microsoft Azure Certified application, enterprise customers can easily find, purchase, and deploy Contoso's product from the Azure Marketplace and ensure technical compatibility for customers bringing their existing Contoso product licenses to run on Azure.

Azure Marketplace messaging

Customers will benefit by receiving clear messaging that explains where they can go to purchase or deploy your product on Azure, as linked to directly by a URL to your product's listing in the Azure Marketplace.


  • Azure Marketplace
  • Marketplace (only as a shortened name after the full name has been used at least once)


  • Azure VM Gallery
  • Azure Gallery