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Microsoft Azure Certified logo informs Azure customers that your cloud application listed within the Azure Marketplace, AppSource, other Azure catalogs or in-product is a solution that is

Why certify your cloud application or add-on

Enhance your application capabilities

Use the powerful features of Azure services to build applications that deliver more value to your customers

Rely on Microsoft brand equity

Showcase your Microsoft endorsement and enhance your solution’s credibility with the Microsoft Azure Certified logo to differentiate it from the competition

Promote your application to enterprise customers

Publish on the Azure Marketplace or Azure catalogs to be visible to the Microsoft global customer base and field sellers

Microsoft Azure Certified for Applications

Building an application? Integrate with popular Azure services to improve your application features, lower your development costs, and bring additional value to your customers.

By adopting single sign-on and one other Azure service below, you’ll be able to access the benefits of the program.

Azure Active Directory

Enterprise developers and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers can develop commercial cloud services or line of business applications that can be integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to provide secure sign in and authorization for their services.

Learn more about certifying Azure Active Directory apps.


Connectors allow your app to work with Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and PowerApps. This enables your customers to easily automate their business processes and create their own no-code line of business apps.

Learn more about Connectors.

Power BI Content Packs

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics services that enables anyone to connect to, visualize, and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

Power BI content pack is a combination of pre-built dashboards and interactive reports that allows users to immediately gain insights from it.

Learn more about Power BI Content packs.

Microsoft Azure Certified for Platform Solutions

Building a platform solution? Want to publish and sell that solution on the Azure Marketplace and Azure Stack? Creating a solution built on the Azure platform allows your customers to realize increased value from Azure.

Azure SQL Database

Make building and maintaining applications easier and more productive. With built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability and data protection, Azure SQL Database is a cloud database built for developers.

Learn more about certifying your application for Azure SQL Database.

SQL Server

With SQL Server get the industry-leading performance and security of SQL Server on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers. Build modern applications using any data, any language, any platform – on-premises and in the cloud.

Learn more about certifying your application for SQL Server.

System Center

Stay in control of your IT – across your environment and platforms – with System Center. Simplify the deployment, configuration, management, and monitoring of your infrastructure and virtualized software-defined datacenter, while increasing agility and performance.

Learn more about certifying your application for System Center.

Virtual machine

Getting your virtual machines certified helps you get published on the Azure Marketplace which makes it easy for your customers to search, test, purchase, and deploy a wide range of applications and services in just a few clicks.

Learn more about publishing a virtual machine to Azure Marketplace.

Azure Stack Syndication

Certifying for virtual machine for Azure Stack offers a unique hybrid cloud opportunity to your customers. Azure Stack extends the capabilities of Azure to private cloud configurations. Your certified solution has more impact in a unified, hybrid enabled Microsoft Azure partner ecosystem.

Learn more about certifying your virtual machine for Azure Stack syndication.

Windows Server

No matter where you want to take your organization, get there with Windows Server – bringing the innovation behind the world’s largest cloud datacenter to yours.

Learn more about certifying your application for Windows Server.

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

Being a part of the Microsoft Azure IoT partner ecosystem enables businesses to take advantage of the Internet of Things. Azure Certified for IoT partners have a unique opportunity to demonstrate IoT capabilities and market leadership, reach new customers, and gain customer mindshare.

Partners receive a variety of benefits, which include: lead generation and ability for customers to directly contact you, being showcased on Microsoft Azure IoT websites, usage rights for the Microsoft Azure Certified badge, and PR opportunities with Microsoft, such as press release and blog support.

Learn more about the Microsoft Azure Certified program for IoT.

Program benefits

Get the following benefits once your application is successfully certified in the Applications track.

Use the Microsoft Azure Certified Logo* Checked
Promote your application through the Microsoft application catalogs
Azure Active Directory, Virtual Machines Promote your application on Azure Marketplace
Power BI Content Packs Promote your application in AppSource
Virtual Machine Syndication to Azure Stack Syndicate your application from the Azure Marketplace to Microsoft enterprise customers, managed service providers and system integrators using Azure Stack
Connectors Promote your application in-product, PowerApps
Power BI Content Packs Promote your application in-product, Power BI
Access to Microsoft Partner Network Portal**
Access to the ISV roadmap, a comprehensive look at our current and future technology plans
Join partner communities
Access training resources
Utilize marketing support
Enroll here
Eligible for MPN Silver Membership core benefits**
Get Microsoft Payment Solutions
Access to Microsoft LicenseWise for Volume Licensing
Access to marketing resources on the Partner Marketing Center
Silver Microsoft competency logo
Updates through Partner newsletter
Get 20 Partner advisory hours
Access to Partner support community
Access to the training materials on Partner University
Internal Use Rights cloud services - up to 25 licenses per product
Microsoft Office 365 Demo tenant 5 Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions
Enroll here**
Eligible for MPN Silver ISV Competency Benefits**
US $6,000 Azure credit per enrollment year (on top of US $100 monthly Azure credit from the competency core)
Unlimited Signature Cloud Support
Eligibility for Azure consumption incentives
Eligibility to deploy certain-on-premises, internal-use software on Microsoft Azure
5 Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions
(On top of five licenses from the competency core)
Enroll here**
* Partner must follow the Logo implementation guidelines.
** MPN portal and Silver ISV Competency benefits available only on joining Microsoft Partner Network and paying US$1530 competency fee.
Please note, the aforementioned program benefits are not applicable to Internet of Things solutions.Learn more about Microsoft Certified for Internet of Things.

How to certify your cloud application

Nominate your offer

Submit an application with details to have your offer selected for the program.

Build your offer

Choose your type of product and go customize and configure your offer.

Publish your offer

Submit your offer to Microsoft for validation. Then review a preview, approve it, and go live.

Grow your offer

Grow as a partner, learn insights and invest in marketing campaigns to increase your offer’s success.


  • For now, there is no cost to get your application certified through the Microsoft Azure Certified program.

  • The time to complete a certification depends on the application and integration required. Microsoft works to ensure partners get through the certification process as quickly as possible.

  • Your certification will last as long as your solution is updated and compatible with Microsoft Azure platform and services.

  • Yes, you need to certify your virtual machines before it can get published and sold commercially through the Azure Marketplace.

  • The application or service categories available on Azure Marketplace are virtual machines, virtual machine extensions, multiple virtual machines, Azure Active Directory, web apps, API apps, and Microsoft Dynamics apps. Application categories not covered under the Microsoft Azure Certified program and their publication paths are as follows:

    Web apps: Integrate with Azure Web Apps to provide a simple way for users to explore, discover, install, and deploy your web app on Azure, and share your web app with millions of Azure users worldwide. View program details

    Business solutions for Microsoft Dynamics: Discover, explore, and deploy easy-to-use, cloud-based business solutions for your industry or market directly from Azure Marketplace. View program details

  • In general, your application or service must be relevant to developers and IT pros building applications and running their business on Azure. In addition, you must meet the following business and technical requirements.

    Business requirements:

    • Your company (or its subsidiary) must be located in a sell-from country supported by Azure Marketplace.
    • You must sell your application or service in a country where Azure Marketplace is available.
    • Your application or service must support the English language.
    • Your licensing model must be compatible with the billing models supported by Azure Marketplace.
    • Customers with Azure subscriptions must be able to purchase your application or service from Azure Marketplace through their Enterprise Agreement or with a pay-as-you-go subscription.
    • For your application to be listed on and on the Azure portal, you must provide marketing materials that meet Microsoft criteria.
    • You must provide customers with a Service Level Agreement, a privacy policy, and phone and online support.
    • You must make technical support available to customers in a commercially reasonable manner, whether it’s free, paid, or through community support.

    Also, you must agree to and comply with the terms and conditions listed in the Azure Marketplace Publisher Agreement and Microsoft Azure Marketplace Participation Policies.

    Technical requirements:

    • You must test and prepare your application to run well in Azure Virtual Machines.
    • Your application must be packaged in a VHD, as described in the Azure documentation for Windows Server and Linux.
    • Your application’s licensing system must work with the Azure Marketplace hourly billing model or BYOL model, as applicable.
    • Your application or service must pass validation tests confirming that it runs well in the Azure environment and delivers a high-quality customer experience.
  • Your customers can expect that:

    • Your application or service has been vetted for readiness and compatibility with Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Azure services through testing and certification.
    • You (the publisher) will provide customer support.
    • They will be able to find your solution on Azure Marketplace or other Microsoft Application Catalogs.
  • No, you do not need a membership to apply for the certification. You do need a membership to be eligible for a silver ISV Competency which is offered to you once your application is certified.

  • You can send email to

Featured Microsoft Azure certified partners

  • Oracle
  • Azul Systems
  • Barracuda
  • bitnami
  • Riverbed
  • SAP

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