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Open source on Azure

Customise and run your applications using best-in-class open-source software on Azure.

Innovate faster and more securely with open source on Azure

Enhance collaboration

Attract and retain the best talent and improve teamwork and collaboration. Increase Developer Velocity—driving innovation by empowering developer teams.

Strengthen security

Build on a highly secure cloud platform designed to protect your data and business assets. Gain proactive, comprehensive compliance coverage.

Develop flexibly

Gain the freedom to move your app anywhere. Operate seamlessly and elastically, on-premises, in hybrid or multicloud environments, or at the edge.

Azure—the cloud powering the space race

"Thanks to the power of open source, the compute capability provided by the HPE Spaceborne Computer-2, and the scalability of Azure, we are empowering developers to build for space at a speed that's out of this world."

—Kevin Mack, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

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Increase Developer Velocity with open source on Azure

"Being able to leverage open-source tools also allows us to operate faster and helps us get back to where we really need to be—and that is solving problems."

—Zack Fuller, PPL Back-End Infrastructure and Security, StopWatch

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Explore architecting solutions on Azure


Automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications with Kubernetes.


Explore both traditional and relational database management systems and big data solutions.


Build, test, and deploy any application—either to the cloud or on premises—to continuously deliver value to end users with Azure DevOps.


See analytics options—whether your organisation is just starting to evaluate cloud-based analytics tools or expanding current implementations.

Machine learning

Learn to train and deploy models as well as manage the machine learning lifecycle with Azure Machine Learning resources including tutorials, code examples, and API references.

From the Microsoft Open Source Blog

Optimise your open source investments on Azure

Get a native Linux experience for every workload

Manage your workloads securely and conveniently on Linux—the fastest growing platform on Azure, spanning Linux compute, containers, data, managed services and software as a service solutions. Take advantage of built-in identity, security, management and hybrid capabilities.

Gain flexibility of choice for modern app development

Innovate rapidly using cloud-native architectures. Modernise apps faster with a fully managed Kubernetes service. Build apps without provisioning and managing infrastructure using Azure Functions. Combine fully integrated DevOps capabilities and microservices to increase agility.

Access enterprise-ready databases and analytics

Focus on building apps, not managing databases, with fully managed open-source databases. Effortlessly process massive amounts of data with Azure HDInsight, an easy, cost-effective service for open-source analytics.

Optimise machine learning

Accelerate inference and training with open-source frameworks and ONNX Runtime. Increase productivity with PyTorch on Azure, virtual machines and a serverless hosting environment. Build AI you can trust with responsible machine learning and conversational AI experiences with Bot Framework Composer.

Automate code-to-cloud workflows with GitHub and Azure

  • Build, test, and deploy the code from your GitHub repository to Azure to create reliable and more secure applications faster—and distribute them globally.
  • Save time by automating the release pipeline through continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • Create automated workflows with native support for common scenarios—such as containerized applications on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), websites on Azure App Service, relational data on Azure SQL Database, or event-driven applications on Azure Functions—all with GitHub Actions for Azure.

Explore GitHub and Azure

Azure open source ecosystem

Experience seamless identity, security, and billing experience services—built, operated, and supported through a unified code base—made possible by engineering-centric Azure partners and their commitment to open source.

Highly available, fully managed OpenShift clusters on demand, monitored and operated jointly by Microsoft and Red Hat.

Case studies


On GitHub

Automate provisioning and security with Terraform on Azure infrastructure, ensuring your policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a consistent workflow.

Case studies


On GitHub

Scale performance easily and cost-effectively by adding a quick-caching layer to your application architecture with the benefits of a fully managed service.

Case studies


On GitHub

Streamline enterprise search, health monitoring, and security using a flexible stack deployed on Azure.


On GitHub

Get seamless integration between SUSE Linux and Azure for all your mission-critical cloud applications.

Case studies


On GitHub

Do more with your applications and data with Cloudera's industry leading platform for machine learning and advanced analytics on Azure.

Case studies


On GitHub

Run modern and traditional Linux or Windows apps with enterprise-grade security, support and scale while driving down operational costs and improving efficiency.

Case studies


On GitHub

Get Azure-optimised kernel and user space components built from the latest releases with enhanced security and compliance features.

Case studies


On GitHub

Support transactions, search, analytics, and mobile use cases for business-wide strategic initiatives and important applications using a common query interface and a common data model.

Case studies


On GitHub

Developers share their experiences using open source on Azure

Learn why developers around the world trust Azure to help them solve their important challenges and build with confidence. To hear from more developers, visit Developer Stories.

See how organisations use open source on Azure for their business success

Daimler embraces the cloud to innovate faster

"We've brought Java, Tomcat, Docker containers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, and many other open-source tools into DevTest Labs, and they all work great."

Peter Rothlaender, Manager of Cloud Solutions, Daimler AG

Bosch increases vehicle safety using precision GPS algorithms and Azure Kubernetes Service

"What we like about AKS is the simplified Kubernetes experience. It's click and deploy, it's click and scale. It's infrastructure as code too, which is quite cool for us."

Christian Jeschke, Product Owner, Bosch

Lufthansa Technik helps airlines cut costs and increase aircraft reliability with Azure

"With Microsoft Azure, we get an open and flexible cloud infrastructure that supports our Red Hat ecosystem and helps us deliver superior products to our customers."

Johannes Hansen, Senior Director Process Automation and Technology for AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik

Adobe runs its vast open-source application portfolio in Azure

"Because Azure offers extensive polyglot support for languages such as Go, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Node.js, our developers can write software in the language of their choice while still having access to the full set of Azure PaaS services. All the open-source services we want are fully supported in Azure."

Mike Mellor, Senior Director, Technical Operations, Adobe

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