Visual Studio Team Services

Share code, track work and ship software for any language – all in a single package. It’s the perfect complement to your IDE.

Get started with collaborating quickly

With Visual Studio Team Services, it’s fast and easy for you to plan, build and ship software across a variety of platforms. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server.

Unlimited private projects using Git or TFVC

Create private team projects that are accessible from anywhere. Use Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for traditional centralised version control, or use Git if you prefer a distributed approach. Mix and match on different team projects, making it easy to host your entire organisation on a single account.

Track everything in one place

Capture new features, bugs and other work items into backlogs that are great if you’re using Scrum, Kanban or your own Agile process. Use customisable task boards to track team progress, or use Agile portfolio management for larger groups to track work across all of the teams.

Cloud-powered continuous integration and deployment

Catch quality issues earlier by using build definitions that automatically compile and test your applications in the cloud, either on demand or after any changes in code. Track your build health over time with graphs and customisable dashboards. When tests pass, automatically deploy your updated websites directly to Azure.

Use your favourite development tool

Access your projects, code and work items via an integrated experience within Visual Studio or via a free plug-in for Eclipse. Support for any Git client (including Xcode), and a modern web browser interface, ensure that you can use your favourite development tool to tailor Visual Studio Team Services to your team’s needs.

Scalable pricing that’s small-team friendly

Teams of up to five are free, so create unlimited private team projects with as many repos, work items and bugs as you need without any additional costs. Additional customers have straightforward pricing, shared resources like builds, and load tests have monthly amounts included that you can scale as your demands grow.

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