Disk storage

Persistent, secured disk options supporting virtual machines

Whether you need the highest availability for mission-critical workloads or cost-effective options for test scenarios, Azure Disk storage provides the durability, availability and security you need for your virtual machines. Choose Premium Disk storage (SSD) for I/O intensive applications, where low latency and high throughput are critical. For testing, consider Standard Disk storage (HDD) to keep costs down as you scale up and down quickly.

Simple management

Create Managed Disks by just specifying the type of storage (SSD or HDD) and the size of the disk you need, and Azure will create and manage the disk for you.

Managed disks overview

Management Storage

Highly durable, available and secured

Rest easier, knowing that you have three simultaneous replicas of your data, making it more durable and more available. If one replica experiences issues, two others can take over to help ensure persistence of your data and a high level of tolerance against failures. Plus, your data is also automatically secured using encryption at rest.

Why choose Azure Disk storage?

All cloud disk storage is not the same. Azure offers you:

Simple scaling on demand

Migrate your on-premises enterprise application to the cloud, and walk away from all of that hardware and infrastructure management. Scale storage up or down with your virtual machine whenever you need to, and absorb unexpected spikes in traffic or any growth in data storage size. Lift and shift your entire infrastructure model, on Windows or Linux, and experience highly scalable, globally available cloud storage.

Low-latency and high-throughput storage

When performance is critical, you want the low latency and high throughput of Premium Disk storage (SSD). Build your high-performance database with large Azure virtual machines (GS-series), and your users can experience a max. disk throughput per virtual machine of up to 80,000 IOPS and 2,000 MB per second, which is even faster with caching – the kind of speed you need for demanding enterprise workloads.

Premium Storage overview

Cost-effective testing

Support your DevOps goals and test workloads with simple cloud scalability, at a lower cost than on premises. If you don’t need production-level performance, keep persistent data on Standard Disk storage (HDD), then spin up test virtual machines on demand.

“By upgrading to Azure Premium Storage for our Slim4 inventory control application, we halved processing time and gained the assurance that this critical application will run smoothly.”

Anthony Lewkowicz, Technical Architect and Chief Info Security Officer at Chronodrive

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