Power BI Embedded

Bring data to life inside your app with embedded analytics

Microsoft Power BI Embedded allows application developers to easily embed stunning, fully interactive reports into their apps in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Easy, extensible and optimised for the cloud

Deliver intelligent, interactive data visualisation directly in your app – in minutes, not days. Choose from a broad range of modern data visualisations, or easily build the custom visualisations you need.

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Easily create interactive reports

Download Power BI Desktop for free, and effortlessly create compelling, interactive reports that can be rendered on any device, anywhere, without investing in additional tools.

Scale efficiently in the cloud

Using embedded analytics gives you the benefits of Azure, such as pay-as-you-go pricing, the ability to scale easily, as well as security and reliability, all built into the platform.

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Develop in an open environment

Use the tools you like, in a familiar environment on an open and extensible platform, with fully documented, easy-to-use SDKs and API libraries.

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What customers are saying about Power BI Embedded

“Using Power BI, Integrate delivers a scalable and cost-efficient solution that meets the ever-growing BI demands of users.”

Paul Maher, Chief Technology Officer, Integrate at Milliman

“With the release of the Power BI Embedded solution, we were able to leverage everything we loved in the standard Power BI framework into an integrated product.”

Michael Stahle, Chief Information Officer, Aluvii

“We’ve been able to easily embed data analytics in our solution, which will provide customers with a higher level of business intelligence in their key processes.”

Alain Gentilhomme, Chief Technology Officer, Nintex

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