Power BI Embedded

Help customers turn insights into action

Embed stunning, interactive reports and dashboards into your apps – without the time and expense of building and maintaining visual analytics features.

Quickly create interactive reports for free with Power BI Desktop.

Choose visuals created by Microsoft or the community – or create your own.

Develop in an open environment.

Why embed an analytics solution into your app?

Grow your business faster

Achieve faster time to market with your app by minimising development efforts.

Stand out from your competitors and bring your apps to life.

Get started for free with Power BI Desktop.

Make development more efficient

Spend time focusing on your product instead of developing visual analytics features from scratch.

Meet customer report and dashboard requirements quickly.

Work within a familiar environment with products you already use, such as Visual Studio and Azure.

Deliver value for your customers

Explore data and gain insights from anywhere.

Make quick, informed decisions in context.

Increase their level of business intelligence and feel more confident with data-driven decisions.

How Power BI Embedded helps you deliver

  • Get a complete PaaS solution, with cloud development and deployment, when you use Power BI Embedded – no servers required.
  • Access a complete library of existing visuals, download community-created visuals or easily create your own.
  • Use other Microsoft services within the same Azure framework.
  • Keep your customers up to date with real-time analytics.
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources so you can deliver valuable insights.
  • Offer customers high-fidelity, interactive visualisations across any device – rendered in HTML 5.

Embed Power BI analytics in your app in three easy steps


Setting up your environment

Make sure you have an Azure Active Directory tenant. Then, create an Azure AD user and sign up for the Power BI service with a Power BI Pro licence. Register your app in Azure AD and create an app workspace in Power BI so you can publish reports.

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Try with a sample report


Embed analytics

Authenticate with your Power BI account, and use the Power BI REST APIs to embed dashboards, reports and tiles into your app.

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Publish your app to production

Register your app in your production environment and continue with your app development.

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Leverage the power of Azure for embedded analytics

Your solution, powered by a trusted cloud.