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What is Log Analytics?

Log Analytics is a service in Operations Management Suite (OMS) that helps you collect and analyse data generated by resources in your cloud and on-premises environments. It gives you real-time insights using integrated search and custom dashboards to readily analyse millions of records across all your workloads and servers regardless of their physical location.

Collect, combine, correlate and visualise all your data

Separate the signal from the noise with simple, powerful log management tools. Collect and search across data sources from multiple systems, centralised in a single data store, so that you can easily identify the root cause of operational issues. Search powered dashboards using easy drag-and-drop search queries to build custom visualisations. Create your own personal lens to focus on what matters most.

Manage your Azure resources at an Enterprise level

Getting deep visibility into your Azure resources across multiple subscriptions that your enterprise might use. Gain the ability to transform your Azure activity data as well as managed resource data into an insight with flexible search queries.

Ensure that your servers are up to date

Identify missing system updates and view the malware status across all your Windows Server instances, whether they’re running in your data centre or the public cloud. Now you can know which of your servers have the latest updates and which ones need updating.

Track server configuration changes

When you troubleshoot an operational incident, the first thing you want to know is what has changed on your servers. We help you easily identify operational issues caused by Windows Service service and software changes that occur in your environment.

Review configurations for your workloads

Detect potential configuration issues or deviations from identified best practices for workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange and Hyper-V. Proactively avoid problems with an ongoing assessment of your configuration.

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